Thursday, February 2, 2012

Notes About Science Online 2012

This started out as a post about sketchnotes, but quickly evolved into some thoughts about Science Online...

Just over two weeks ago I nervously embarked on my first experience with Science Online 2012. Little did I know that I would leave forever changed by a community that not only welcomed me, but accepted me as one of their own.

As a lowly biology major still trying to make it out of undergrad, I felt quite a bit of the oft mentioned "impostor" syndrome. Coming at science communication from the science art angle, I wasn't sure at first how I would fit in. Science Online had an inspiring group of science artists in attendance this year, and It was wonderful to finally meet and hang out with many of them. Our "circle of artittude" at the reception held at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences was definitely one of the highlights of the conference.

I can't even begin to describe all of the wonderful people and amazing experiences (though I'm covering some of the highlights in daily science online comics here. Don't worry, Day 2 is coming!). After just the first day, my head was full of new information, ideas, and memories of great conversation. By the end, I was completely in love with the Science Online community and hated to see everyone go.

To avoid getting too sentimental, I'd just like to say this to the attendees of Science Online 2012: Thank you. Whether we exchanged many hugs throughout the conference, shook hands once, or never quite met, you all contributed to creating a community where people like me felt welcome to participate. You have given me courage and determination to continue my journey into the world of science. I feel as if I do so with a world of support at my side.

Now to give back...